Photo by my great friend Mela Photography.

Photo by my great friend Mela Photography.

Kassidy Macpherson


Hey friends! So you want to hear about me? Well great, let's talk about me for a minute. I love lots of things. I love choosing happiness, I love joking, and I love relationship. Love is my favourite (as I'm sure you can already tell). I am also learning to love being me and to enjoy my process. Life isn't always fun or easy, no matter what your path looks like, but one thing I try never to forget is that I always have the power to choose how I feel and react to my circumstance (whoa, deep). On a lighter note, one of the best parts of my day is usually my morning commute; I love turning my music up and singing as loudly (and terribly) as I want. This is also probably why I don't carpool often ;). I am passionate about capturing. I desire to capture love, emotion, and memories; Both ordinary and extraordinary. 

Really, I boil down to too many jokes and an ardor for connection. Let's hang out and capture some love and memories!


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